Anne Marie Glenn

Annie started on her yoga journey when she attended a yoga class suggested by her Mom in central Phoenix when she was 24 years old. Hatha yoga was her very first practice and she chose to study it at Seven Centers in Sedona, Arizona and received her 200 level certification in 2007. In Sedona, she attended a week long immersion course in Kundalini Yoga.

She now holds a 200 hour Hour yoga certification in Kundalini Yoga, with Sevak Singh Khalsa at Anahata in Scottsdale, AZ. In addition, she attends numerous workshops and trainings in order to learn new techniques and ways of teaching to bring back to her students to include gong training with Sangeet Kaur Khalsa , crystal bowl training with Tryshe Dhevney and breath of love with Julie Mikk.

Mankind is now living in The Aquarian Age. There continues to be a change in the Earth’s magnetic field; a new consciousness that humanity is navigating.

The previous, Piscean Age, was characterized by industry, hierarchies, machinery and ego. Mankind’s reality now is a pressure of information overload, lack of time and increased demands manifesting in depression, desperation, emptiness, insanity and pain.

The space we’re moving through is mega-faceted and demands commitment, mental clarity, spiritual strength and a strong healthy nervous system. The best way to navigate this energy is through yogic techniques by which the body, mind and spirit can be enhanced.

There exists a practical technology to generate the inner energy needed to survive and excel under the pressure of this time that can alter the frequency of the mind and the state of the brain. The technology of Kundalini Yoga provides a technique for inner-education in wisdom, self-control, and intuition. Kundalini, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, is the yoga of awareness. Using Kundalini yoga and meditation is a process that takes us beyond the mind. It is the science of how to fulfill ourselves in the experience of being human and serving others from a heart centered space.

Scottsdale Arizona

Located in Scottsdale Arizona